Ray (ragefreakonpxil) wrote,

no raindrops on rosesAnd girls in white dressesIt's sleeping with roachesAnd taking bad chances

Lastnight was interesting as expected please note NEVER DRINK SPARKS because its gets you drunk and if your sad it will give you that added energy needed I just feel bad because I understand where you come from and I know how hard it is to give someone a piece of you and they throw it away or break it. Its understandable you want to be alone and you feel that you can never feel the same about anyone else Ive been there and I know that road pretty well and as much as it can hurt you have to realize that time can heal as much as you think it wont I know the words I love you can mean a lot but now a days people often use that word as nothing and the word love has lost its true meaning so I say we come up with a new word to explain the word love that way many people can use the word love with out having to spell it Luv or lov, or whatever I love means crap now and yea I am an advocate of the word love and the feelings that come with it but the word itself is over used . Anyway off the topic a little.. I know its hard to truly let go of your first love I know how you miss the times you spent with them alone looking into there eyes laying in there arms on top of them holding them while you sleep or being held your self we all love that feeling of having someone there with you.. And when something comes along the way and breaks that.. We cant handle it because we lost a part of us that we gave up.. Its hard and it hurts a lot to know that you wont be in that persons arms anymore but you need to know that there are plenty of people out there and you cant just sit down and end everything because you lost the person you thought u would live the rest of your life with its hard and I cant stress that enough because there is nothing more then and you have to get use to its hard to get over your first love but thats what they are your first remember there are 2nd, 3rd.. etc out their 6 billion people on this planet cant fall in love with everyone you meet cause thats dumb..(Thats why the word love is overused) Ive dated plenty of people in my life I can say I fell in love truly with 3 people..3?? : o (whos the 3rd thats for another blog) but anyway this is not about me just the events of yesterday and yea I loved them and I knew they loved me back but things happen and the love just changed and as I said yesterday SHIT HAPPENS!!! And you cant just stop your life for one person you have to move on you have go on with your life there is someone out their for everyone.. Just got to look and enjoy life while you are looking and everyone that comes along and maybe you will find someone to love and then later find out its not love anymore then we move on it hurts I know its a sucky feeling but thats life and we cannot just stop on the first try just.Keep swimming just keep swimming because its a big ocean and there is plenty of fish and it may be a polluted ocean and we may have to throw out a lot of fish to find the one we want but its fun looking and there is a few silver fish in the sea and while we look for the gold just cant let it get to you..It hurts I know wish I could take your pain and frame it.. but I cant all I can do is tell you that it will go away and I will be there to make sure you dont stop with live and live it to its fullest..

I wrote a lot here and Im sure there is plenty of grammar and spelling error but whatever I have a hangover give me a break!!!
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