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great weekend

I don't write much anymore so I will write about my amazing weekend, What a way to end the last week of school it was fucking great!!!! Words cannot explain it although I look like pure shit right now it was all worth it... Bamboozle was just great...I got their I saw the AKAs for a little bit....then I saw Bayside who were fucking great, first time getting beat up at one of their shows...after them walked around a bit drank some beer saw Anthony from bayside told him I loved him and walked some more saw hellogoodbye ....then I saw chiodos and got beat up in the pit it got sooo bad that security came into the pit.... When chiodos was done I saw silverstein it was ok love the music but the crowd for them was not so great, but that was good cause I got to walk all the way to the front and then I waited for from first to last, and the crowd was great for them.... Later I sat in the back for Hawthorne heights cause I was dead tired and then the all American rejects came on and they were good and all cause everyone there were all little pop people who loved them and during the end of the all American rejects we left during the end to go see Thursday!!!! Who Ive heard so much from for the whole week and they were fucking just great and during the show some girl was grinding on my and I mean grinding.. and I soo could not help getting a hardon and yea she still did not stop and I know she felt it..... Then after Thursday was over, Carlos and I left cause we did not want to see Fall out boy, so we left and we went to the parking lot and Carlos wanted to see where Thursday was cause he knows the drummer of Thursday from whole foods... and he came out gave Carlos a hug and said what's up and everything ... then we went to the car and was waiting for everyone to come out cause they went to see Fall out boy and while we were waiting Carlos rocking out to morning wood in the parking lot and everyone around us was just watching and cheering him on haha great shit.. finally FOB was done and we left ... did we go home oh no no no instead of going home and resting we went to a party in Montclair U.. Got drunk had a very..VERY good time at the party.. got home at like 6 am I had to wake up at 9 to go to a meeting at Starbucks I only got like an hour at most sleep and I dunno even think I slept... went to the meeting feeling like shit I did not know what was going on my body was just out of it and my head was just delirious and bunt out .. After the meeting I took some shots of espresso (benefits of working for Starbucks) I went straight to day 2 of bamboozle as soon as I got their I saw 30 seconds to mars who are fucking GREAT!!! When they played the kill it was great live after that I walked around ate some stuff ... then I saw Panic! At the disco and they were fucking GREAT what I love them more now I became uber gay during them ... then after dancing like a mad man it was time to get hard...hardcore that is it was underoath and holy shit my nose too a beating my nose looks like someone took a knife and sliced a piece of skin off.... after them I took a break saw sensesfail from afar cause Ive seen them so many times and I was dead tired ... after that me and Carlos went to see H.I.M who was fucking great when they played Wicked game I was soo happy cause I did not think they would play it....after HIM I sat down by the stage and saw Lifetime perform and then AFI went on and while everyone went their we went to the stage where Taking back Sunday was and when they came on they were just fucking GREAT!!!! I fucking love them sooo much.... The show was over and at last it was time to go home... when I finally got home my bed never felt soooo good I slept like a little baby

What a great weekend what a way to start off summer and this is just the start.
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