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A broken heart and a rant to follow

So yea wish I had good news but as always fate has a way of bitch slapping me across the face, and lately me and fate have not seen eye to eye.. my doctor diagnosed me with a heart problem when I was 20 , and I had it long before that . Yea sucks that I have to take heart pills and crap like that at 22, or I can die at 22 from cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) anytime it could be me running, or at a concert or even having sex (what a way to go) so the other day I went and they told me to take better care of myself and take my pills bla bla bla so I listen nope I do take my pills but I dont really take care of myself Im in my twenties; I dont feel as if I should. I mean I know I should but I just could never put myself to do it.sometimes I feel it for example the last concert I went to was Thursday and yea after awhile in the pit I wanted to faint and pass out because I could not take it but did I stop nope because Im stubborn and did not want to miss a moment of the show. And if I check my calendar Im going to a lot of shows from now till ummm May and may will be a two day test of anythingwell good thing that jersey is passing a no smoking ban in bars and stuff like that. (sept in casinos in Atlantic citydont get me started on that FUCKING RICH PEOPLE NEED MORE MONEY GOD SOMETIMES I wish the terrorist would win but then I think about my friends that do serve this country and then I guess Ill just hate on the bureaucrats and politicians of the Government and not its puppets who are us, our solders who mostly serve just to get around in life and the poor and middle class.. see I got off topic Ill write a blog about the reason I hate the ban because its more then just to stop people from smoking and crap like that its because they did not ban smoking in casinos is BECAUSE THE FUCKING STATE SENATORS GOT PAID OFF BY RICH ASS FUCKING CASINO OWNERS BECAUSE IF THERE IS NOT SMOKING IS CASINOS THEN THEY WILL NED TO GO OUTSIDE AND SMOKE A CIG AND IF ANYONE EVER GAMBLES IF YOU LEAVE THE CASINO YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO COME BACK SO THAT WAY YOU SMOKE ALL THE FUCKING CIGS YOU WANT INSIDE SO THAT WAY YOU DONT LEAVE AND YOU STAY SMOKE YOUR CIGGY AND LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY ITS ALL FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!ING MORE MONEY AND HELPING THE RICH GET RICH AND THE POOR GET FUCKED OVER BECAUSE BARS IN JERSEY THAT ARE NOT BIG WILL NOT BE EFFECTED BECAUSE OF THE BAN AND WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THEM BECAUSE THEY FUCKING CANT AFFORD TO PAY OFFF ANYONE GRRRR I 8HATE THAT SHIT THATS WHY CANADA SOMETIMES LOOKS SOOOO GOOD. Wow, I got off topic again lol see what happens I get into one of my rants I wont stop well my hands are tired from typing way to fast and Im not going to fix my grammar errors so yea sorry and spelling I tried my best.

BTW Im not basing my rant because Im mad at no more smoking in bars and crap like because its a bad habit that I been trying to overcome., that I dont really care if they ban it but if they are going to ban it in bars then yea ban it everywhere not because the casino bored paid a lot of money.

god its shit like that that will give me a heart attack
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