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So don't you want to hear about my good day

So don't you want to hear about my good day

lalalalala well yesterday was a GREAAAAAAAAAATTT day not only did it feel like spring, and I only had one class for an hour but it was just good... I was in a good mood all day...it almost got bad because I saw my phone bill...AHHHH it was over $200....WHO DO I TALK TO??? Ohh ..But anywho besides that it was good. It was warm... and I got called for a job that my mom hooked me up with from her friend at work so I have an interview for that. they told me that if I get the job that I have to take a drug test lol dum dum dum well its not that bad anymore as I use to be lets see what else umm new job (I hope) skool is going good so far so good on that yay me . Umm so yea well class is over Im out..

I miss spring I want it to come things are changing a lot this year so far..im not making the same mistakes I made last year, and Im not going to miss any opportunities whether its my lovelife career or anything..
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