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one last good bye to the summer

Was I sleeping was I dreaming was this all a dream, but I pinched myself and the pain told it all.... No I have not been sleeping its real its all but to real. Mostly everyone Ive known have lost there fucking minds Im not trying to sound cocky or anything but am I the only one seeing this am I the only one looking at this pattern, some people are just complete out of touch with the world. While others are living in a fantasy world where they need a reality check.. I wont say anything because I really am enjoying this show.. But I am finding all this very humorous I mean really come on this is too too funny and if someone elses happiness brings me pleasure in laughter does that make me a bad person or a fucked up person or even a fake person maybe it does but what the fuck I cant help but not look away because Im sorry to say some people try too too hard to get what they want and this is not directed to just one individual this is directed to several. Hey I really dont care anymore your happiness is my entertainment so I say this, this prick over here will continue to watch the freak showFavorite cast of characters the fake one, the bullshiter and the stubborn prick and it looks like this season is starting off with a bang.

summer was fun tisk2

I wont get mad at the petty BS because thats all it is petty and I wont pity anyone
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