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Its only a day away

I can't wait!!!! Finally!!!!! Im going to see Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights love them and of course Bayside. Aiden its pretty good have not really heard them. I love concerts the last one I went with Thrice was FUCKING AMAZING!! Thrice was great live the new songs holy shit!!! Are just fucking great live Image of the Invincible , and Music box were just great and the old songs were good also Underoath were there and they never cease to amaze me and the black and blues are all worth it. Ive been waiting for bayside since October 9, 2005 even though I found out October 13 but my gut is always right HAHA (hint hint could not make that any more obvious) music is my remedy and they just know the words I want to hear, I can't wait to hear them live. I hope they play dear tragedy and i know they will play Just enough to love you. Silverstein too FUCKING YEA!!! great going to be great i so cannot wait to see them all play.
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