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Lets lay all the cards down

You always wonder what are the intentions of others. Is there a reason to anything or are they sincere its hard to figure out who is truly loyal and who is not. Over the time you learn who is holding the knife and who is not there are times you know who to trust and who not to trust sometimes you can see who is holding the blade and who is not.. The ones you never would expect to just stab you in the back those are always the one that hurt the most. Then there are the ones that you know will sell you out the first chance they get, and you know they would so you keep them at a distance. Then there are those sad souls that will stab you because they are loyal to another because of god knows why its just stupid shit and really I am tired of everyone concealing there guns if you have an issue why run face it head on I am tired with "sneaks" and "two face" people and "fake" people. Im done Ive already dealt with someone really close to me who stab me already and Im done with all the two face or BS its petty get over it I dont care I just want whats mine and move on GROW UP!!!!
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