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That's a rap

The year is coming to a rap, and what a year it has been. Things have had its Up's and down's but thats life for you. The year started how could I say very weird some old friends returned (and will be returning again). Lost some new friends (ha better off) I took the year off from school (and I think Im well rested) I lost my job in whole foods (not crying over that one) I got my old job back (mo money mo money ok Ill stop) went to allot of concerts (something I had not done in years) I did not do that much traveling this year unless you call a random trip to Vermont one but that was just fucking crazy and awesome camp out. Spent a lot of days in bars getting drunk (jack & coke and a lot of coldstone limes go a long away) a lot of shocking events took place some friendships were made some hearts were broken some relationships died hard. And an unexpected person came back (I did not see that one coming I love the timing). My life is looking pretty good right about now; so far things are going according to plan. December will be my party month leading all the way to new years I have a lot of things to do this month, people to see, promises to keep got one more concert left for this year and I am soooooooo glad I end it with Thursday cant wait!! What a way to end the year. My friends come back from school, and I hope to see a certain someone now that shes back from school as well. So I am going to be a busy beaver for this month, well not really more like my last hooray for the year so I guess that just about raps it up.
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