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Music sounds great when there is someone to hate

Great simply great holy shit what a great show soooo FUCKING worth the WAIT! All the bands were fucking awesome. and bayside was beautiful even with 2 people words cannot describe The feelings I had I never ever EVER!!! cried to any band but yesterday I was water works. They sound soo good acoustic his voice was fucking great you could hear the passion when they played devotion and desire. I could not help myself, and masterpiece was when it all just started ahhh man they were great I love them even more. I cant wait till they come back with full force. As for the other bands FUCK yea they were fucking great Aiden was fucking good as hell I did not really hear much of them but after yesterday I think I will. Silverstein FUCKING AWESOME!! I fucking love them too I forgot how good they are as well as Hawthorne Heights were just great thats when I lost my voice. we fought our way to the rail. I have the only battle scars my friend broke his toe during aiden and sat the whole show out aw. Fucking great itI love concerts.
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